Accidents are often sudden events and usually devastating experiences. They often result in damage to property and mostly cause injury of various degrees of severity.

Imagine that in a car accident you sustained serious injuries, and now the hospital bills are piling up. You may have learned that the responsible party would pay for your medical costs if someone else causes your car accident. After a car accident, one of the most critical issues is how to cope with medical bills. Our team will get you the support you need managing your medical bills following an accident!  Contact us today after you read through this article for immediate help.

Payment of Bills in Boston Massachusetts after a Car Accident

After a car crash, the very last thing one wants to worry about is who is going to pay their medical bills. Massachusetts is what is known as a state of “no-fault,” which suggests that you can still have your medical expenses paid, even if you are at fault for an accident. Each driver’s auto insurance provider will compensate for a part of the medical costs of their respective drivers, irrespective of fault.

As part of any Massachusetts car insurance policy, Personal Injury Protection benefits, also known as PIP, are required. Your hospital expenses lost income, and other associated costs resulting from an accident of up to $8,000 are covered by PIP benefits. However, the surplus should be sent to the health insurance carrier if you have private health insurance and the medical expenses exceed $2,000. Any bills not covered by the health insurance can then be resubmitted for payment back to the car insurance provider. 

Based on the 12 months immediately preceding the accident, PIP will also cover up to 75% of your total weekly lost wages if you have to miss time from work as a result of the accident. Of course, this is as long as your employer has not paid you and you have not already exceeded your full PIP.

There are only special cases in which you can claim financial compensation from the at-fault driver, such as pain and suffering because Massachusetts is a no-fault state. An injured party may file a lawsuit seeking compensation for personal injury and pain and suffering only if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • Fractured Bone
  • Loss of vision or hearing
  • Any reasonable and necessary expenses overpassing $2,000 for the treatment of injuries related to the accident;
  • Permanent or serious disfigurement;
  • Limb Amputation;
  • Wrongful Death

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We get a range of concerns about outstanding medical expenses that are sustained by our injury clients because of their accident. Uncertainty appears to exist on who pays for them and what they are paid. The confusion occurs when, during the pendency of their personal injury claim, the injured person receives medical bills in the mail that are overdue.

You can contact our experienced personal injury attorney if you have been involved in a car accident in Massachusetts and you have medical bills coming in the mail and piling up. In personal injury cases, an attorney will clarify how medical bills are handled and help to address them to protect you.

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