Water Main Break in South Boston

In Boston, a road was heavily damaged due to a water main break late Wednesday night on September 7th, 2022. A video of the incident shows water shooting up like a geyser through the pavement. The water flooded the street, and created a crater. This occurred on A Street near the intersection of Athens Street in South Boston. The water was pouring into the road for almost an entire hour. After an hour, the water was shut off a little before 11 p.m. The breaking of the water main caused a major obstruction in the road. There was a major buckling in the roadway on A street. The huge crater in the road caused both A Street, between West Broadway and West 3rd Street. By late Wednesday night, Boston Water and Sewer Commission crews were on the scene. Boston police officers and firefighters joined the scene, and stayed at the crater late Wednesday night.

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