Car accidents can be complicated to handle if you get involved in one. As a consequence, after such a case, several individuals are in some form of discomfort. Although this is, of course, understandable and natural, after an accident, you must collect your thoughts and perform actions. This is particularly true if it hasn’t been your fault. Many issues may be developed in the future in order not to complete them.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, below are some “do’s and don’ts” to better preserve the rights of you or your loved one.

Things to DO after a Car Accident

Inform the Police

Call 911 urgently. Provide information about the scene of an accident as soon as possible so that police can safeguard people and vehicles and document the accident as well.

Medical Attention

Seek medical attention before doing anything else. If injured, accept an offer of emergency transport to the hospital. 

Take Photos

On a mobile phone, almost everyone carries a camera.  Picture the scene and the cars. Look for skid marks, the absence of skid marks, or damage from an accident such as a broken fence or sign.

Gather Witness Information

The people standing there who saw what happened are important to your case if you were the victim of the accident, indicating it wasn’t your fault. Be sure to go around and ask everybody what they saw and take note of it and get their details, so if necessary, you can reach them again. Ask them to give the police their statements when they arrive, too, because it is also mentioned in the accident report.

Consult with a Boston Car Accident Lawyer:

Do not do the mistake of taking up your matter alone without a professional. You must contact a car accident lawyer to handle your claim.

The above DO’s are some of the most important steps to take which we have highlighted.

Things NOT TO DO after a Car Accident


In an accident, you should never admit guilt. You don’t want to go on record as saying that just yet, even though it was your fault, 

Evading the Scene

You should not escape the scene of an accident, even a very minor one, in any conditions. We know that having to escape from terrifying circumstances is human nature, but you must avoid this urge. Under Massachusetts law, it is a criminal offense to leave the accident scene.

So, no matter how terrible the situation looks to you after a car accident, fleeing will only make things worse. 

Don’t forget to file a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report

Under Massachusetts law, you are required to file a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report within 5 days of the accident if you have been involved in a collision that caused injury, death, or over $1,000 worth of damage. And if the police are on the scene, you must do this.

Agree to a Settlement

Instead of going through the entire process of negotiating with insurance firms, the driver at fault might try to negotiate with you and then pay you. You should never accept any offer, though, unless you speak to a car accident attorney.

Don’t deal with the insurance company alone

To get out of paying for an accident, the insurance firm protecting the driver at fault would do their best. Hence, to minimize what they have to pay, it is not unheard of for them to deceive innocent people into accepting any fault. Just not talking to them at all until you have an attorney is the safest way to stop being fooled into doing the wrong thing.

Don’t take ages to contact a Boston Car Accident attorney

Many people wait until they have trouble obtaining compensation from an insurance provider. Waiting isn’t smart, though. Following an accident, you must contact our car accident attorney as soon as possible. Our car accident attorneys will direct you through the process of negotiating with insurance providers to ensure that you obtain the necessary compensation and protect your rights.

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