String of Child Injures after Falls and Tips to Prevent Future Child Injuries

A recent string of child injuries has occurred north of the Massachusetts border, as two New Hampshire children are recovering after falling from windows in separate incidents. The children sustained personal injuries from the fall, but they are non-life-threatening. The first fall occurred when a four-year-old girl fell from a second-story window of her home. She was transported to an area hospital with serious injuries, but is listed in stable condition. Following that child injury, New Hampshire police responded to an unrelated fall, where a four-year-old boy fell out of a third-story window. Similar to the first fall, the child sustained some injuries, but fortunately is expected to make a full recovery. Authorities are warning parents to keep a watchful eye over young children, especially around open windows. They also stress that parents should ensure window screens are in good working order and lock securely in place.

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While all parents and guardians should be watchful of their children to prevent child injuries related to falls from windows, there are many more common household dangers that can lead to child falls and harm. For example, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, a child under the age of five is treated in a hospital emergency room for a stair-related injury, every six minutes. Parents carrying their children on stairs accounts for one-in-four injuries sustained by children under age one. Stair-related child injuries have declined in recent years, mainly due to parents increasing their measures to prevent young children and walkers from tumbling down unattended stairways without safety gates.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued recommendations to prevent child fall injuries in recent history. These include installing sturdy stair rails and safety gates to prevent small children from tumbling down stairs. The CDC advises against the “accordion type” safety gates, as young children can easily get their heads and other body parts stuck in the gate.

Our child injury lawyers at Bellotti Law Group offer the following tips to prevent slip and falls:

Tips to Prevent Child Injuries Related to Slip & Falls:
1. Ensure that windows and screens are securely closed and in good working order.

2. Do not let children run in the house, especially around furniture and other objects that can cause injuries.

3. Ensure that any rugs in your house are secure and will not slip from underneath children’s feet.

4. Children should wear rubber-soled shoes or slippers to avoid slipping and falling on hardwood floors, tile, etc.

5. Floors should be clear and free of clutter, especially of items like newspapers and magazines which can easily cause slip and falls.

6. Stairs should be clear and free of any clutter to avoid tripping and falling.

7. Stairs should be in good repair with no loose floorboards or carpet that may slip out from underneath children’s feet.

8. If you are carrying a child down a flight of stairs, take your time and step carefully.

9. Avoid wearing flip-flops and/or loose-fitting shoes to prevent stumbling and tripping down stairs.

10. If you have young children in the house, ensure that stair railings and safety gates are installed and in proper working order.

11. Finally, always keep a watchful eye on young children.

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