Elderly Driver Hits Family in Concord, Massachusetts; UMass Researchers Say Older Drivers can be Trained to Avoid Car Accidents

Last week, an elderly Westford, Massachusetts driver struck a Concord, Massachusetts mother, her 5-year-old son, and 20-month old infant, while they were walking on Commonwealth Ave. in Concord. Fortunately, the mother and young child escaped serious injuries following the accident, after being treated at Emerson Hospital. Sadly, the toddler was taken by MedFlight to Children’s Hospital Boston after sustaining life-threatening injuries. A Concord resident reported the accident to police. Sergeant Jack Kennedy told the Boston Globe that pedestrian accidents in Concord are somewhat unpredictable, stating that “We do have them on occasion…We’ve gone years without them, and then had years where we’ve had more than one. It’s hard to say.” Nevertheless, the Boston, Cambridge, and Quincy car accident lawyers at Bellotti Law Group know it is important for motorists and pedestrians alike to remain vigilant in practicing safe travel, to avoid car accidents and personal injuries.

The car accident that lead to these pedestrian injuries occurred when the elderly driver attempted to turn off of Commonwealth Ave. and onto Winthrop St. in Concord. The driver was also injured as a result of the car accident, after crashing into a garage. Concord Police are currently investigating the accident.

The intersection where the pedestrian accident occurred was near the heavily traveled Route 2 rotary, the site of many car accidents in recent history. Unfortunately, there is no crosswalk in the area. According to Boston car accident attorney Peter Bellotti, “it is always prudent for pedestrians to cross the street in a crosswalk, where motorists are more aware of their presence. When there is not a crosswalk available, there is obviously a greater risk for pedestrian accidents. Nonetheless, drivers should always practice defensive driving and be on the lookout for walkers, runners, and bicyclists throughout populated areas in Massachusetts.”

This unfortunate car accident and the resulting pedestrian injuries came just before researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst proposed the idea that in addition to cognitive or physical decline, like slower reaction times and poor eyesight, the bad habits elderly drivers have acquired over the years may lead to an increased risk of car accidents and pedestrian accidents when they are behind the wheel. The study, published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, notes that these bad habits can be reversed and remedied. As the article states, “A large percentage of not attending [to the hazards at intersections] is due to some strategy or mindset they’ve gotten into, rather than some problem with the brain.” In all, the study concluded older drivers, who are often overly fearful of hitting something up the road, develop a bad habit of being excessively cautious while driving straight ahead, but not scanning the road at intersections, where collisions usually involve a car or pedestrian coming from the side.

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