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If you are located in Boston, a restraining order means a legal order by a Massachusetts state court that provides protection from physical and sexual harm and threat. Often, restraining orders are filed against a specific member of one’s immediate family in the event of domestic violence.

According to the Massachusetts Abuse Prevention Act (209A Protective Orders), an act can be defined as abuse if any of the following happens more than once between the victim and another family member:

● Threatening of physical harm

A carpenter was working construction at a job site in Salem, NH when an 18 ft. partially built wall fell paralyzing and crushing the carpenter due to a third parties negligence. At the time the carpenter was injured, he was 40 years of age and married with 4 dependents.

The specific parties involved were a lull operator, laborers, and riggers, all of whom each were employed by different parties.

Counsel for the plaintiff, Attorney Joe Markey, alleged that the defendant was negligent in failing to ensure safe working conditions, negligent in failing to adequately and safely supervise its workers, and negligent in failing to safely operate and maintain the equipment being used at the job site.

Car accidents are extremely stressful. You or a loved one might be badly injured from the accident. You may be dealing with the stress a car accident can create on your finances. The costs of medical expenditures and car repairs can easily build up to overwhelming amounts. When you are in a car accident, it is important to try to calmly assess the situation. In these situations, most people act emotionally or impulsively, which causes them to make huge mistakes around how to address the situation. Our boston car accident firm has years of experience and will help you every step of the way. Here are the most important car accident rules to follow, in order to avoid making the same mistakes: 

  1. Call the police. The police are vital in all cases. They make a report of the incident, gather evidence, collect names and contact information of witnesses, collect each drivers’ name and contact information, and take photographs. They also make a note of the party who is at fault. You should get a copy of the accident report, and the badge number of the officer who created the report. 
  2. Do not admit guilt. Admitting guilt to anyone, such as friends, family, or police officers will allow insurance companies to get out of paying for the accident. Insurance companies do everything they can to pay the least amount of money possible. Even if you weren’t at fault, any admission of guilt lessens the chances of recovering. 

The crane operator has many responsibilities. They must be fully familiarized with the crane manufacturer’s O&M manual and load charts for the cranes they are dispatched to operate. When they have consulted the O&M manual procedures for the crane’s specific re-configuration, they should conduct a job site safety meeting with the personnel under their supervision. The operator should inform the personnel on the manufacturer’s procedures for reconfiguration, such as proper pin placement and sequence. Operators should make sure they swing cranes in controlled manner, and to never suspend the crane over personnel, unless the personnel are required to land the load. Operators must not permit anyone to ride the hook or load. If there are any technical difficulties with the crane manufacturer’s procedures on any crane re-configuration, operators must contact their shop managers for help. If the lift is critical or sensitive, pre-planning meetings are required. Before leaving the crane, the operator has the responsibility to land the load, place all control leavers in neutral, secure the crane against travel, set all brakes and locking devices, and shut off the engine. Whenever there is a concern for safety, the operator has the authority to stop and refuse to handle loads, until a qualified person determines that everything meets OSHA safety standards. 

OSHA Regulations for Crane Operations

Operators can meet OSHA’s certification requirements through three ways. First, operators can obtain certification through an accredited third party crane certification organization. Second, employers can develop an employer-audited program to certify operators. Finally, operators can obtain a state or local crane operator license.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident or lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, you may be thinking if punitive damages are available in your case.

Punitive damages are commonly discussed when personal injury cases are addressed.  Punitive damages are generally awarded if a defendant is found to have behaved in an extremely negligent or dangerous manner. The attorneys at Bellotti Law Group P.C. aim to provide an analysis of punitive damages in Massachusetts cases.

Damages under Massachusetts Law

We all find ourselves in unfavorable circumstances at some point in our lives. It can be due to our own decisions, but it can also be due to the actions of others. 

There are no two accident case examples that are alike. Depending on the case, the individuals involved, and the attorneys hired, there will always be various factors. To continue the discussion, the attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. have compiled some of the most common injuries in Massachusetts that result in personal injury cases.

Common Accidents in Massachusetts

Getting involved in a Boston car accident or car crash is never fun, particularly if the accident was caused by the other driver’s carelessness. If you were injured in a car read this below blog.

Though car accidents are a common occurrence, how motorists in each state pay for them differ from state to state. Massachusetts, for example, has a no-fault auto insurance scheme. Anyone involved in a car accident must file a claim with his or her own insurance company to cover medical bills, property damage, and other costs under this scheme. This also stops drivers from taking any people involved in an accident to trial with car accident attorneys unless the circumstances are extremely unique. Don’t be alone fighting for your pain and suffering compensation; help us assist you with your car accident claim.

Understanding the NO-FAULT Auto Insurance system in Boston Massachusetts

About 276 million cars are on the roads in the US today – with almost 222 million registered drivers, it makes the US’s lanes as one of the busiest roads in the world. Yet, with technological advancement, comes the risk. Hence, the fatality rate and accident ratio are also very high keeping in view the injury statistics. 

While most insurance claims consist of a small car accident with a huge truck or trailer, etc, the possibilities are endless. Hence, despite the advent of advance car security systems, approximately 6.3 million automobile accidents take place each year in the US. So, the question arises, who takes responsibility for the damages in such accidents?

Settlement Cases for Automobile Accidents 

Accidents are often sudden events and usually devastating experiences. They often result in damage to property and mostly cause injury of various degrees of severity.

Imagine that in a car accident you sustained serious injuries, and now the hospital bills are piling up. You may have learned that the responsible party would pay for your medical costs if someone else causes your car accident. After a car accident, one of the most critical issues is how to cope with medical bills. Our team will get you the support you need managing your medical bills following an accident!  Contact us today after you read through this article for immediate help.

Payment of Bills in Boston Massachusetts after a Car Accident

Car accidents can be complicated to handle if you get involved in one. As a consequence, after such a case, several individuals are in some form of discomfort. Although this is, of course, understandable and natural, after an accident, you must collect your thoughts and perform actions. This is particularly true if it hasn’t been your fault. Many issues may be developed in the future in order not to complete them.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, below are some “do’s and don’ts” to better preserve the rights of you or your loved one.

Things to DO after a Car Accident

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